Enviromedica Terraflora

Enviromedica believes in creating innovative natural health products that help combat the negative impacts of the modern world. 

The company’s mission is to apply the principles of evolutionary medicine in order to facilitate the healing of the body. These principles have been applied in the development of its Terraflora probiotic range. 

The Terraflora broad-spectrum probiotic range consists of symbiotic blends that mimic nature – ‘symbiotic’ in that they combine both prebiotics and probiotics in a synergistic form, for the support of optimal gastrointestinal health. 

The Terraflora difference 

Beneficial bacteria in the gut is important for health and wellbeing. When these are lacking, the result can be autoimmune illness, digestive issues such as IBS, or liver and heart diseases. 

Terraflora has been developed from an innovative strain of micro-organisms proven to produce bio-available nutrients within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and in turn promote a healthy digestive system. The strain is based on those found in ancestral diets and traditional foods. 

The use of spore form or soil-based bacteria is used in the Terraflora products to help counteract our modern lack of contact with the soil. Spore-based bacteria are also highly resistant to the effects of heat and stomach acid. 

The probiotic bacteria are encased in a seed-like structure to ensure they can survive the GI tract and arrive at the lower intestine alive. 

The Terraflora range

Terraflora products are formulated with organic seaweeds and mushroom extracts to support digestive health. They include products for daily care, women, advanced care, and immune support. 

The benefits of Terraflora may include: 

  • Prevention of unwanted bacteria in the gut while allowing beneficial strains to survive and thrive. 
  • Maintenance of microbial balance in the body. 
  • Targeted immunity support. 
  • Production of highly bio-available antioxidants in the gut. 
  • Support of a healthy response to inflammation. 
  • General improvements to digestive health. 

Terraflora – sustainably-sourced food-grade probiotic blends to support the best in digestive health.