Rosita Cod Liver Oil

The goal of Rosita Real Foods is to support the health of families around the world through raw and natural cod liver oil products. These oils are extracted from wild fish caught off the remote northern Norway coast – a region that has some of the cleanest and purest waters on the planet. 

Rosita is also committed to full transparency, as they believe it’s important for you to know the source of your fish oil products. Sustainable and humane fishing practices are also a priority. 

The Rosita difference

Standard cod liver oils are extracted using practices like heating, steaming, distillation and more. This can destroy heat-sensitive nutrients and damage the beneficial fatty acids. After processing with these methods, vitamins are often then added back into the oils. 

To prevent this, Rosita uses natural cold-press methods dating back to Viking times, to gently release the oils shortly after the fish are caught. The oils are then filtered, and a natural antioxidant added to preserve the product. 

The result is 100% extra virgin fish liver oils, rich in vitamins A and D and Omega-3 fatty acids, and free from additives and heavy metals. 

Rosita tests every batch of its oils in a third-party microbiological lab to ensure they meet European regulations and to evaluate the products’ nutrient profiles. This means you can be assured of the highest and purest quality of Rosita’s cod liver oil products. 

The Rosita fish liver oil products

Rosita’s pure and unrefined cod liver oil is available bottled as is or in a softgel capsule. The softgels are encapsulated in a 100% fish gelatin coating, making them easy to swallow. The softgels would suit people that want to take cod liver oil without experiencing a fishy taste. 

The oil products may support cardiovascular and reproductive system health, reduce inflammation and joint pain, and contribute to healthy brain development. 

Rosita cod liver oil could be ideal for people seeking the purest and most natural fish liver oils on the market, and for those who support the highest sustainable fishing and processing methods.