BiOptimizers for Superhuman Health

BiOptimizers was born out of a desire to protect human health and treat it as our most precious asset. 

The company’s goal is to build the best plant-based formulas to help people achieve optimum health and fitness. 

BiOptimizers believes strongly in continuous improvement of its products. The company has created several partnerships to help it achieve its goals, including with Burch University, Chinese herbal experts, enzyme scientists, and some of the smartest supplement formulators in the world. 

What makes BiOptimizers different? 

BiOptimizers targets its products towards people wanting to achieve fitness goals, lose weight, or improve their general health and wellbeing. 

But in doing so, BiOptimizers aims to be vastly above average. For example, it refuses to build products that are not the absolute best in their category. 

To achieve company goals, BiOptimizers has developed products designed to optimise digestion, brain performance, energy, nutrient absorption and fitness, and to support healthy weight loss. 

Many biohackers, doctors, and health and fitness leaders worldwide favour BiOptmizers products.

The BiOptimizers range

In developing the range, the company’s approach includes the use of optimal effective doses of the most highly researched ingredients. 

The range includes products to support: 

  • Blood sugar regulation – through synergistic formulas to help you burn fat, build muscles, improve insulin responses, and convert carbs to energy. 
  • Digestion and nutrient absorption – via HCL and enzyme formulas to aid digestion and reduce bloating and other stomach discomforts. 
  • Healthy gut bacteria – prebiotic / probiotic blends to promote healthy bacteria and reduce the level of unwanted bacterial strains. 
  • Gluten tolerance – products that allow you to eat gluten without gut irritation, through a combination of specific proteolytic enzymes. 
  • Better sleep and energy – such as through the daily use full spectrum Magnesium complexes. 
  • Ketogenesis – formulas to help people on keto diets control their cholesterol and improve their fat burning capacity. 

BiOptimizers – superior products to help you achieve your health and fitness goals and improve your mental and physical performance.